We are proud to present one of the top education programs in the world for chocolate lovers from all walks of life. Chocolate Lovers Unite (!) at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, Pier 91 in Seattle, Washington for a weekend packed with world-class workshops on chocolate! 
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Kelly Fitzjames

Brasso Seco Chocolate Company and Alliance of Rural Communitie
Kelly Warren Fitzjames moved from her US suburban home at age 22 to live in Brasso Seco - a small, rural, rainforest village in Trinidad's northern mountain range. She feel in love with the ecosystem, the lifestyle and then a man and this place has been her home ever since. Kelly immediately got involved with various community groups in the village and in addition to that role she also spends her time unschooling her 2 kids and loves to take forest trips whenever possible. Over the past 2 years Kelly has been closely involved as an ally creating community chocolate companies in rural cocoa areas throughout Trinidad. She is here this weekend to share her experiences of utilizing her privileges to give others their long overdue and well deserved access to hope and success.