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Marlon Ac

Cacao Verapaz
Managing Director
Marlon is the Managing Director of Cacao Verapaz, Uncommon Cacao export and sourcing operation in Guatemala. Marlon born on a three generation Maya Q’eqchi’ farm family in the rural village of Guatemala, all his life have been working in agriculture. That is why he and his brothers decided to move from the rural village to the Guatemala City to study agriculture. He decided to study agriculture to learn about the best agricultural practices with the commitment to go back and improve the agricultural practices that his family has been working with in his village. He studied in Honduras in Zamorano University and had the opportunity make internships and take courses at the University of Texas A&M and Ohio State to learn about Food processing and Food Chemistry. He have been working with coffee and cacao processing since 2012, helping the small farmers to improve the quality of their products to have the opportunity to make business with special markets and therefore increase the income of the Mayan families.