We are proud to present one of the top education programs in the world for chocolate lovers from all walks of life. Chocolate Lovers Unite (!) at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, Pier 91 in Seattle, Washington for a weekend packed with world-class workshops on chocolate! 
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Kim Wilson

Good King®
Kim has been a chocolate LOVER her whole life. So, in 2009, when she began hearing about the extensive bonded labor, child trafficking and unfair wages taking place in the chocolate industry, she wanted to be part of the solution. In 2013, at the mid-point of her career, she finally chose to take an uncharted path (quite literally – ask her about the boa constrictor, hitch-hiking in the jungle and her hierarchy of bug “responses”). Neither the best business schools nor her corporate experience could have prepared her for the path ahead.

Fast forward five years – as a Seattle-based Social Purpose Corporation, Good King’s goal has become to work and trade directly with grower communities (in cacao and beyond) to create thoughtful snacks that renew life for everyone from their grower partners to their customers. For their origin partners, this approach leverages their natural strengths, showcases and incentivizes product quality, creates new markets, includes women, and dramatically increases income potential by supporting their progression from agricultural growers to food processors. For their customers, this provides the opportunity to enjoy thoughtfully produced, exquisite quality, better-for-you snacks from around the world.

Good King’s first product line - crunchy, lightly caramelized whole bean gourmet Snacking Cacao from Honduras and Indonesia - is offered in five decadent flavors. For the 2018 Holiday Season, they invite you to enjoy their new line of all-natural cacao-based fruit and nut gourmet snack mixes.